Registration Checklist


  1. Click on the “Register An Athlete” link at the top right of this webpage
  2. Follow the instructions to register your child for one of our sport teams
  3. As part of your registration, you need to also submit the following:  
    1. Physical – Every athlete must submit a physical on the approved forms (Physical Forms Here) Physicals are good for the school year but will need to be resubmitted every year your child participates in sports.
    2. Athletics Fee – Every athlete needs to pay an athletics fee in order to participate.  The fee for Middle School sports is $150.00 and the fee for High School sports is $200.00. 
      1. Select Online Payment to pay by debit/credit card and then select the Middle School or High School Fall Sport from the options on the left on the new website (Configio)
      2. Please note that the athletic fees do not include the cost of gear required, e.g. volleyball knee pads, soccer shin guards, proper footwear, etc.
      3. Jerseys will be provided, but need to be returned at the end of the season

All items must be completed and turned in before your student may participate in their sport.